Truck Effortlessly Crosses a Raging River!!

river crossing by car

Have you ever done a lap in Australia using your off roader? If you did cross a river but never really sunk headfirst, then you have to up your game. The tag for the greatest river crossing adventure has been raised a notch higher by this Toyota land cruiser. The video says it all, so check it out.

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A contingent of several vehicles has to cross this river, which is the only link of communication in this remote part of Australia. It appears the rain has been pounding heavily of late. Without a bridge, each of the vehicles has to do with the daredevil swim across the raging stinking waters.

Who goes first? It is the Toyota Land Cruiser 80. To be honest, I have always held the Land Cruiser in high esteem when it comes to off road capability. However, I did not know the machine has such amazing swimming skills. Maybe it all depends on who is behind the wheel.

This man must have the strongest nerves in the world to make such a suicidal attempt. I am not if he has used the route before, but for sure, the waters are too deep this time round.

Did you notice the black thing that extends to the roof of the SUV? It could be the secret to the vehicles confidence in the water. I guess as long as this part is above the water, the vehicle can sink as much as you can imagine. The weight of the engine is also adding to the magic.

Anyways, this video is spectacular all through, especially the part where the machine almost drowns, but it manages to find its way back to the track. When the car is almost clearing the water, the driver opens the door and reality of what hell he has just gone through emerges. Tons of water pours back into the river.

I am sure the owner of this off roader will have to part with several bundles of notes to rid the upholstery of foul smell. The driver will also need a serious session in the bathroom.

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