Ford Bronco in Deep Mud Action

wheelie bronco

Time has come for insane action in the deep muddy and steep terrain, courtesy of a wheelie Bronco in 44 boggers. The beasts are ready for any type of action, including destroying all the mud trails in the forest.

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All Broncos are impressive in design and performance, and the machines in this recording are not different. They were made to impress so don’t expect them to disappoint.

As the first rig immerses into the mud, you can see the 44 boggers and the toughness they possess. This machine has huge wheels that allow tear the mud like hell.

Clearly, the owner has given this beauty enough attention and it is paying back big time. There is at least another Bronco to give the yellow rig good company. The contingent moves along the trail, with the Broncos being the center of action. No hole or hill is too big for the vehicles. Sometimes, the other machines can only watch from a distance as the men of the moment punish the thick mud.

Not all mud holes are easy for the big-wheeled machines though. At 1:41, the Bronco truck almost goes into flames. For the umpteenth time, it is unable to pass- that mud hole must be as deep as evening red. Thick smoke billows from the huge wheels; the face is covered by mud. The wipers are working overtime today. After several tries, the rig is able to rip through the menacing sludge.

That pit at 5:40 was super deep too! It made the yellow Bronco produce a wonderful wheelie moment. Isn’t that what we have been waiting for all along?

Another act of the evening takes us to the slippery steep hills in the woods, and we see the double cabin truck produce some dope climbing maneuvers. It can even afford to come all the way down and climb the slick hill once again.

As the rigs head home, they have to cross a sticky stretch of mud. Did you note how the standard trucks are unexpectedly good here? I think their superior throttle control and extra weight finally got a place to dominate.

What a day it has been! Thank God, there are no injuries to report-only the two gaskets (or something of the sort) that fell from the yellow Bronco.

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