Cummins Bronco Does a Wheel Stand Tug O War!!

cummins wheel stand

What would you do when you are told to choose between giving in and facing a wheel stand? Many trucks cannot even imagine facing a wheel stand, unless they want a quick ticket to the junkyard. However, for the Cummins Bronco, there’s nothing like quitting without trying.

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Taken in a floodlit field in the late hours of the night, this crazy tug of war pits a determined Cummins Bronco and a powerful wheel stand. A thong of spectators adds to the brightness of this historic contest. It’s epic so sit back and enjoy.

We find the action at the point where the war is just about to begin. You would be forgiven for thinking that the spectators are waving their hands in allegiance. It’s nothing close to that-everyone is recording the event in his or her Smartphone or state of the art camera.

Do they know something I don’t? This must be big! Immediately the signal to start goes, the two machines go into frenzy. Engines roar to deafening sounds and the crowd cheers.

You can now hear the cheers increase. Something dope is happening in our eyes. The Cummins decides to lift its front wheels and the spectators love it. This reminds of boxers who are carried away by the noise of their supporters until they fail see a huge jab coming. Is the Cummins losing focus or is this a tactic to beat the opponent?

For about 50 seconds, the Cummins is airborne and unmoved by the power of the wheel stand. Then comes a little dance which I guess is meant to frustrate the opponent. When the Cummins descends, it manages to pull the wheel stand over the line and wins. Great play there!

Just when everyone thought the Cummins Bronco was destined for humiliation, it plays a chess game that leaves the wheel stand confused.

That was bloody cool! Fortunately, none of the monsters breaks so it’s only merry or frustration after this.

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