Diesel Trucks Pull Massive Sleds On Dirt Track

Diesel Sled

Alright peeps, the diesel sled pulling monsters are back. This time we head to Vermonster 4×4 in Vermont, USA where this action is taking place. Smoke, dirt, noise, cheers…, you know what to expect from a mouth-watering event such as this one.

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Welcome to the blissful world of diesel sled pulling, where monster trucks run riot.

The turf is rough so the rigs that are able to maximize on traction will most probably carry the day. Power and body strength is also very critical otherwise; the truck will split into two. Pullers have come from far and wide to prove their prowess against the best in the region.

If you are still wondering what kind of contest we are talking about, it’s simply a truck hooked to a sled. Hauling over 20 tons is a crazy idea when you are just 3 tons. The goal is for the truck to haul the sled as far as possible, mostly 300 feet. Sounds easy, right? I wish.

When it comes to fuel, trucks can only use diesel. By the look of the smoke and sounds from the engines, there’s no propane either. So don’t expect anything close to Fast and Furious.

As the trucks pull the sledge, resistance builds and you can see the pain in the wheels during the pulls. There are all manner of monsters here-Dodge, Ford, Chevy and so on-and they all need to overcome this challenge.

Man, that grey Dodge was awesome! At 1:38, it looks like it could carry the load another 100 feet without breaking a sweat. That’s domination, but one of the few. I could count on my fingers the number of rigs that were able to haul the massive load with such ease.

Sorry to Ford fans- most of the representatives are having a bad day and look like they could collapse from the hundreds of horsepower on their axles.

Powerful trucks are unable to complete the distance because there is so much force and drag to haul. Disappointing as it may seem, most of these drivers are just having the fun of their lives. I hope that you enjoyed yourself too.

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