Mega Truck Challenge You Gotta Watch!!

truck night

This video is the part 1 of the tug of war. Two monster pickup trucks go to battle at the beginning of this video. One is has a pink body paint and the other one has a two-tone blue and white paint. And the pink one wins! The next battle is between a black Chevy pickup truck with neon green rims against an orange pickup truck with black rims. Security personnel are roaming around the vicinity to ensure safety. Smoke is all over the place! The orange pickup truck wins!

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Next is between a red and blue pickup trucks. The blue one has neon orange rims. The red pickup truck’s wheels keep on turning and turning but the tug-of-war doesn’t seem to budge. When the blue pickup truck accelerated, it dragged the red pickup truck! Next is a humungous black pickup truck against a small black pickup truck with neon green rims. The huge truck wins!

This mega truck challenge is a huge hit among the locals! There’s just so many contestants! Another bigger truck goes against a smaller green body-painted pickup truck. The bigger one has red rims and its muffler is located right above the windshield. You guessed right! The bigger vehicle wins this challenge. They go on a rematch and still the bigger truck wins! Next is a red pickup truck with red rims against a black pickup truck white chrome rims. The red truck wins! They go for another round and still the red truck just sweeps away the other vehicle.

Next is a bigger black pickup truck against a smaller violet pickup truck. Again, it just goes to show that the bigger you are the better chances you get in winning! They go at it again for a rematch and still the bigger truck wins! People around the event on a shaded area are raising their arms to capture and document the whole thing! More trucks go against each other in this video and you just can’t deny that this is the best entertainment!

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