Buggy Owns Extreme 4×4 Ramp

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Red is one of the most intriguing colors. Apples are red and blood is red too. Probably that’s why they painted the monster and ramp red. You have to check out the following video to believe that color can indeed inspire.

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First, let’s check the kind of crawler that’s doing the stunt. The machine is not even 4-feet tall but it has wheels of a tractor. It might look like just another little cage, but I can assure you this is no ordinary off roader. I hear such machines can have engine power 500 horsepower. You can rightly guess that no obstacle can stop this wonder.

More often than not, you would expect to find the rig somewhere rock crawling or sand climbing. However, the obstacle in question today is a little different -a huge ramp that has been appropriately painted red, just as the rig.

It all starts as a 30-degree slope, but after about 7 meters, it increases to almost 90 degrees. Ok, the rig is strong enough to withstand high levels of impact in case it falls. However, how on earth can any normal driver agree to this challenge?

Since everyone is waiting for this, the driver has to do the scary maneuver. If he does succeed, he will automatically enter the badass record book. Not a bad bargain at all, but he needs real guts for this.

The monster approaches the metallic ramp in calculated steps, drives up a few meters, and then retreats. It come again, carefully as before, and then goes up the ramp slowly. Now it comes to the trickiest part of the ramp-the sharp peak. Precision is needed here. The slightest mistake could send the rig tumbling down like scaffolding.

For a moment, I am convinced the driver is about to give up, but he pulls a surprise. Now am convinced he is a pro!

Wow! What a hair-raising experience that was! The medics were on standby but they can call it a day now.


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