Powerful Truck Tears Up Bounty Hill

bobby tanner

What could be better than to hang out in a cold humid forest at Disney Bounty Hill with your 4-wheeler ATV? Nothing! A number of ATVs are at the bottom of the hill. One blue-violet ATV is going to attempt to climb the wet and rocky hill.

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The driver of the vehicle is wearing a helmet for safety reasons. You’ll never know when you’ll bump your head to tree barks and rocks. The driver’s name is Bobby Tanner. He’s so famous because of this video.

The vehicle has some great metalwork. The metal fabrication around the ATV is spectacular! The wheels are almost as huge as the vehicle itself. Can this vehicle do it? At 15 seconds through the video, the ATV is splashing rocks behind it. Rocks fly because of the spinning wheels.

At 18 seconds, it’s almost at the top but it backs up a little. Then downhill, the ATV accelerated in a stronger and faster pace. The suspension of the vehicle is awesome! The engine roar whenever it encounters challenges and obstacles. At 28 seconds through this video, the ATV rolls back because of the inclination. Then it recovers and climb again a high terrain but gets stuck as it reaches the top of the hill. It makes a second attempt but to climb the very rocky but dry terrain, but it just doesn’t get any luck.

When it reaches the top, it just rolls back down again. The second attempt was better than the third one because in its third attempt, it almost didn’t reach the top. The driver must be frustrated. But no! He’s not! He even holds both of his hands up for his accomplishments. That’s the great thing about these kinds of sports. You know how tough the obstacles are so if you make a slight improvement or achievement, the crowds cheer and the drivers feel so proud already.

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