Best Offroad Extreme Hill Climb You’ve Ever Seen!

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In case there were graphic representations of badass, this video would definitely be on the first page. Extreme hill climbing cannot be better than this. The insanity depicted by the machines and their drivers is nothing close to what you have ever seen.

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If you like pure engine noise and carefree driving, that’s exactly what you get in this clip. Remember that this kind of action is not for the spiritless and bruises are not uncommon. As enthusiasts of this sport will tell you, the competitors need to have nerves of steel, power and speed. This is how it all went down.

All the rigs have to climb a 40-meters steep sand dune and earn marks, cash or whatever. Completing this challenge is easier said than done. This is what the machines come against: loose sand, almost 90-degree steepness, uneven surface and a crowd baying for stunts.

As the rigs rush on the sand and get to a bump near the end of the stretch, they can only wish for the three things; the sand creates a road, the force of gravity goes on a go-slow, or the apocalypse comes.

From the look of things, most of the drivers decide to focus on the last challenge, but they end up rolling to the bottom of the dune like rabbits. Some flip twice and are able to drive off, but for others, the accidents are so severe that they need emergency help.

That kind of maneuver should be embarrassing. On the contrary, for every flip that the driver makes, you can hear cheers from the crowd and see them waving. For the first time, I find a game where losers are applauded more than winners do. Perhaps fans decide to cheer the losers because there are very few winners anyway.

After watching this, I can’t miss any of the best of formula off-road hill climb for anything.

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