1100hp Truck SMOKES Supercharged Viper

1100hp truck vs viper

The 2013 TK2K13 festival that took place in Houston was home to many interesting races and events. This match featuring a Dodge Viper drag racing a highly modified Dodge Ram Truck has been…………

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………………making the round of the internet over the last year. Of course truck fans relish in the fact that a large 4×4 truck absolutely destroys, what is supposed to be a super car.

This Dodge Ram pickup truck generated over 1100 hp and enough torque to twist apart most normal cars. Obviously this truck is built for powered and speed and is not a replacement for a Toyota Prius.

Along with the Vipers and Trucks this race featured, a number of cars with supercharger were attending such as the 1000 hp Nissan GT-Rs, 1000 hp + Ford Mustangs and twin turbo charged Lamborghini Gallardos.

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