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Prize money of $25,000 can make you do several insane things including pressing on the gas and hauling your rig up a rocky mountain. The AOP 25k Dollar Bounty Hill is a popular event that attracts some of the maddest drivers and machines you will ever see.

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It is happening in a nasty terrain, and the drivers have to follow a predetermined course to the top of the hill. Everyone wants the sweet winnings but only the fastest will take the prize home. It’s a do or die affair. See this video for yourself and witness the aftermath after as the top contender loses out at the last minute.

This rig has been the fastest so far and is almost certain of getting the purse and throwing a party in the evening.

On your marks, get set and go! He presses on the throttle and goes full speed not minding about the sharp rocks and exposed roots. Even if the machine has a body and power to match such terrain, I still find those bursts of speed unbelievable. That’s what $25,000 can do to a normal driver.

As the rig hits the hurdles at lightning speed, its suspensions throw it from one side to another. For a moment, you might think that the driver is about to go off course, but he somehow manages to stay.

This rig has thrown apart all the other contenders. It’s now the hill against the machine. The huge rock faces are a serious threat and the driver knows it. As his co-driver pet tries to cool things down, the driver is sweating and changing the gears, avoiding one obstacle after another, eyes set on the prize.

Eventually, the rig comes to a standstill, the hill wins. What an unpalatable end to this contest. The front drive shaft breaks just when everyone was sure of this win. It is just 20 feet from the finish.

Disbelief cannot even fit to describe the feeling of the driver right now. Nevertheless, he remains cool as the reality of narrowly missing a cool $25,000 dawns on him.

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