Explorer Lighting Systems From Pro Comp USA

According to Pro Comp USA :

The next generation of high performance lighting systems has arrived. Pro Comp Explorer lights are designed for the off-road enthusiast who demands the best. After nearly 20 years as a premier source of off-road lights, Pro Comp is again lighting your path with the most advanced lighting systems ever offered. New LED’s lights feature state-of-the-art construction and industry-leading features to handle extreme off-road abuse without a flicker.
Whether you are using your rig for rock crawling, hunting game or pre-running a race, you can explore with confidence.

What lighting do you run on your rig? Are you running halogen or LED? Obviously lighting can have a great effect on your safety and enjoyment while offroad at night. Having the best lights gives you a major advantage as far as how far you can see and how well you can move through obstacles and rough terrain.

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