Son Tracks Down, Purchases 1973 Corvette Convertible His Father Once Owned

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The world was hit by the story of a Michigan man who searched for years and tracks down his father’s 1973 Corvette Convertible and bought it again to help remember his dad. When you watch this video, you will be touched with this son’s effort and intention of bringing back the car that his father once treasured a lot. According to the son’s story, the car was bought when he was three years old. The son admitted that the importance of the car to him is that it was his dad’s.
The car was brought home in 1975 when he was young as three years old. The father who bought this car had actually spent countless hours working on it. The car is was a 1973 Corvette Convertible. One a tragic event happened when the car is two years old. Scott’s dad, while working on the car suffered stroke and then passed away. Later on, his mom decided to sell the car. Though this move seems painful for both of them, they still did sell the Corvette Convertible.
The son admitted that the real importance of this car to him is that it was the very first car that he drove. Right after his dad’s memorial, he said that his mother told him that his dad really wanted him to have the car and drive it. In this video, Scott admitted that as if there is a force that triggers him to look for the car. He had been dreaming about the car so he told himself that he really needs to find it. He kept the details of the car for many years and researched it online.
He found out that the car was in Michigan and has been passed on to two owners after his mom sold it. Scott has made his deals and offers with the previous owner and finally when both parties agreed with the terms, Scott bought his dad’s classic car again. When he got hold of the key and start the car, the son admitted that he felt connected with his father again. He got goose bumps when he saw that the key chain was actually his dad’s key ring.
Reminiscing the memories, the son wept in tears. He has not seen his daddy’s car for years and the moment he brought it again, he felt simply amazing. The paint of the car was original and Scott’s ultimate plan now is to work on his dad’s classic car. It feels great for the son to have the car back. The parts are original, the engine is great and there are works that needs to be done to improve this but Scott said that he is almost there.
Scott said that when he drives the car, his father is along with him in the ride, happy and saying “pretty good son”. This video is really inspiring and captivating so it is highly recommended to watch this. It is not really all about the car but the value of connection and memories of a father and a son who have bought passion for this classic car.

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