What does a car look like after it runs into a wall at 120 MPH?


The TV show “Fifth Gear” decided to run an experiment and do a 120 mph crash test with a Ford Focus. I’m sure normally they would have insurance for car, but in this case there is no need to get a free car insurance quote. They are just destroying it anyway. They got a testing facility and the experts to do the test, and ran this car into the wall at 120 mph. I guess at 120 mph, only a real race built car is going to be near safe, but this shows you the complete and utter destruction that happens to a car like this. 

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A I watched this video I couldn’t help but wonder what a quick quote car insurance would be for this car if the companies knew what they were going to do with the car! I even tried to get a free car insurance quote, but I ended up with a free on line car insurance quote which covered my car to the max!
I found that it’s really simple when they do online quote car insurance because you pretty quickly know what you are going to have to pay.
In the case of smashing a car into a barrier at 120 mph, I’m sure any good quick quote insurance would not entertain covering this car. Likely they just bought it outright and sent it to it’s demise. As for how to get a free car insurance quote I know that you can get one here.
Quick quote car insurance is sometimes hard to find, because there are so many questions to answer and then they give you a price and it changes once they get your real information.
I think the important thing to remember is that even if you get a free car insurance quote and its a great price, car insurance can’t help you if you hit a wall at 120 mph. So remember to drive safely, get a quick quote car insurance and enjoy the driving at reasonable speeds.

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