CTS-V Powered 1968 Camaro Drop Top

Chevy Camaro

How do you create a car that’s 44 years old but would feel like driving a newly build vehicle? Just trust Bob Hall to do just that! At the beginning of this video, you’ll find Mike Musto talking about reading and hearing what his viewers say and comment about the CTS-V Powered 1968 Camaro. He signals Bob Hall, who is on the driver seat of the vehicle, to ride like the wind on the pavement. And boy! That car is fast! It is a convertible top down and its body paint is black and its rims are steel chrome. It has a white paint above its headlights and it has a nice spoiler at its tails. You could really tell that it has a lot of power.

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Mike is narrating the video and says that in 1967, Chevrolet released the Camaro as the counterpart of the Ford Mustang at that time. According to him, the Camaro is one of the most popular rides because it has a fan base that really is unparalleled to most popular rides that’s why Bob Hall chose to buy it. It was Bob’s dream car! And I bet a lot of people have always desired to have it, too.

Bob’s Camaro has obviously been modified. It has an LSA engine out of a CTS-V Cadillac. Its suspension has been done from front to rear. Mike gets to drive the beast and under the scorching sun, he drives away. He says that it’s not your average Camaro convertible because it has 800 horsepower LSA engine that has been resourced out of a CTS-V. The rear wheels have more horsepower than a stock ZR-1 Corvette, making a total of 648 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. Mike continues to drive around 40 miles per hour and says that the vehicle is unbelievably docile and there are no squeaks and rattles. They he goes faster with a giggle and a smile on his face.

Bob talks about racing with a modern Ferrari and for an old car, this Camaro wins! He then talks about putting some more modifications into the vehicle like sheet metal work and better rims. The great thing about it is that you could always restore it back to the original form and you could always change it. What an awesome ride!

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